Verdict. Rickshack Urban Folding Bike

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For those of you interested in moving away from transportation that uses fossil fuels as power, bikes are amazingly useful when living in the city. They’re easy transportation, they’re eco-friendly, and they help keep you in shape when you use them to tool around town. But what do you do with your bike back at your apartment?

Verdict. has answered that question with the Rickshack Urban Folding Bike that makes storing your bike simple. Featuring a folding alloy frame, the Rickshack Urban Folding Bike is more than just a conveniently storable bike.

With a Shimano 7-speed shifter, you have options for setting the pace and the workout you get when pedaling. Cutting-edge tires and a double-wall alloy chainwheel rim make the Rickshack look as good as it rides. You can easily commute back and forth to work or class in style and ease, and the mechanical disc brakes are a top-quality brake system to ensure your safety while on the road.

With the Rickshack Urban Folding Bike, Verdict. created something incredibly useful that has application for a variety of lifestyles. Wherever you live, it’s always a chore to store your bike. Now you don’t have to worry about it anymore with the Rickshack Urban Folding Bike by Verdict.