Verdict Keep Driftin’ Beach Towel

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Lazy summer days spent swimming in the salty sea water, and chillin’ with friends on the beach. As the breeze tickles your hair and the sand trickles through your feet, it’s easy to feel totally relaxed and at peace with the world.

To keep that carefree vibe going, you need a beachside essential – a super soft towel to lay beneath you. Verdict’s more than got you covered on that score with the Keep Driftin’ beach towel. 

Made from a quick-drying material, the sunshine yellow beach towel patterned with bright white sailboats measures 39 x 53 inches, so is big enough to wrap around you, as well as to laze away the hours upon. And when the sun goes down and it’s time to head home, simply dust it off, roll up and secure with the handy elastic tie, ready for use when the next day dawns and the surf looks promising.