Verdict. Revival Turntable with Wireless Speaker

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It’s “Throw-Back Thursday” every day with the Verdict. Revival Turntable With Wireless Speaker. Eclectic, yet utterly functional, the Revival Turntable is a combination of a traditional turntable with a high-power speaker that sets the bar for quality sound everywhere.

The Revival Turntable gives you options for your life that takes retro and makes it work even better with today’s technologies. Choose from 3 speeds so you can play your 33’s, 45’s, and 78’s all on the same player. The manual return arm lets you start the music where you like, and you control where the needle ends up. Play your favorite song or two, then move on to the next album.

Don’t forget about your digital tunes. Play all your favorite music on the Revival Turntable by pairing it with smartphones, tablets, and other music devices.

Pairing the best of the old days with the high-tech of today’s functionality, a rechargeable battery lets you enjoy hours of spinning vinyl and digital playback time, and premium speakers give your fresh music selection incredibly precise tones.

The best feature, though, is the portability of the Revival Turntable. Just grab the convenient handle, and take your tunes with you anywhere and everywhere. Reflect your taste in all that’s good about today’s music with the retro style that made old time rock ’n’ roll a breakout move back in the day.