Verdict - Teal or no teal felt purse

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When all you need is the bare necessities, Verdict’s Teal or No Teal Felt purse has you covered.

Styled in eye-catching teal and offset with a gelato-green zipper, this oh-so-cute and oh-so-soft purse is just the right size for a couple of cards, a small stash of cash and some makeup essentials.

Forget about getting bogged down with a huge handbag. Go lightweight instead with Teal or No Teal, and be free to enjoy your time on the town, whether it’s a lunch date with friends or a night date with someone special.

Size: L 4.72in x H 3.15in x W 0.11in

Material: Felt with leather zipper tie

Color: Teal with gelato green zipper, beige zipper tie