It's never been about anything but being authentically you.

Each grain of sand is unique from the other billions of sand grains on a single beach, but together they make up a stunning background for life. Verdict. Is recreating that background for your life with innovative products that resonate with the plea to “live and let live” to celebrate our differences that make this life worth living. The Verdict. Life is a treasured story in a book of empty words, but we’re more than ideas on a page leading you to a foregone conclusion.

Verdict. Life is a journey reimagined through compassion, understanding, and acceptance. Like water that seeks its own level where in a cup or in a lake, Verdict. Life can’t be defined by a shape or a container. It just is. We made these products for ourselves because we wanted something authentically ourselves, something that spoke to us as human beings, not just faceless customers. Take a look at our product to understand what we represent. We are a familiar face in a crowd of strangers.

Verdict. Life is to be outstanding – just the way you are.