Verdict. It's a Flap! Eco-Tarpaulin Side Pack

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If you’re after a laptop bag with an edgy difference, look no further than Verdict’s It's a Flap! Eco-Tarpaulin Side Pack.

Made entirely out of recycled products, this hip satchel is designed to stand out with its vibrant blue patched tarpaulin exterior and feature tire panel. The fully adjustable seatbelt shoulder strap takes repurposing to a new level, while the super-sticky Velcro tabs hold the top flap firmly in place when you’re on the go. If you want to tighten things up a tad further, there’s also two front buckles while inside, the purpose-built laptop slip ensures your valuable tech stays safe and secure.

It’s a Flap! is the coolest companion around, whether it’s to help get you to work, class or play. And the added bonus? You’ll be doing it in a stylish and environmentally-friendly way.


  • Robin egg blue patched tarpaulin exterior with feature tire paneling
  • Velcro tabs to stop your flap from flapping, plus two secure front buckles
  • Roomy zippered interior with dedicated laptop slip
  • Oh-so-cool adjustable seatbelt shoulder strap
  • Spacious size at L 13.39 x W 5.51 x H 10.24 inches
  • Super lightweight, yet sturdy, at just 1.50 lb