Verdict Stegosaurus Bookend Set

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Calling fans of all things Jurassic! Get your dino vibe on with Verdict Steady as she goes Stegosaurus Bookend Set. Made from strong high-grade plastic, the Stego’s head and tail are ideal to ram a whole bunch of books or DVDs between to keep your space streamlined. 

Finished in a bright green tone and highlighted with flecks of gold, the bookends have been designed to stand out, just like the Stegosaurus did eons ago. Be bold and dinosaur stamp your style on your space. Or make a dino-mad friend’s day by gifting them a set.  


  • Intricately textured green Stegosaurus with gold highlights molded from high-grade plastic
  • Sturdy construction to keep books steady and secure
  • Length 12.2in x Width 5.3in x Height 7.6in
  • Verdict Stegosaurus Bookend Set weighs in at 6.3lb